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1535 Andrusz “Wheel”22
(2002 Andrusz x 2365 Wolf)

Pollinator grew the 2554 Andrusz


The andrusz wheel was pollinated with our 2365 wolf that grew our 2554 Andrusz. This pumpkin was nicknamed the wheel. It’s final OTT ended up 416inches before it split at the blossom end at about 60 DAP. This pumpkin grew extremely fast.

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Seed Information

This plant had an extremely small internode structure having 26 secondaries in 14.5 feet of main vine before the pumpkin making the internodes average about 6 inches apart. This plant was nicknamed the machine. It showed an incredible amount of heat tolerance, rarely ever wilting. This plant had smaller leaves with long tall stalks. Really wondering what this cross will make as the mother had a smaller structure and was extremely vigorous pumpkin grower.

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