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The Andrusz Story

The Andrusz family has always been growing fruits and vegetables, including Atlantic giant pumpkins. Over the years it was always fun watching them grow well in our garden, where everything seems to grow enormous. Starting in 2019, we have tried growing competitively. With a lot of tries and “failed” attempts, we have had a lot of fun and excitement dreaming of growing the big one. Our hard work, and love of watching plants and gardens and nature and life has finally led us to learn how to cultivate a massive one here in 2022. Along with a lot a bit of luck and countless days and nights babysitting our pumpkins, we would like to pass on the genetics. Andrusz giants will contain information about the Andrusz giants pumpkins we grow along with seeds from our very own pumpkins with a description of what growing each plant was like.

Check out our 2,554lb pumpkin time lapse from seed to picking - in 2 Minutes!

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