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1343 Andrusz22
(2200 Wolf x 2365 Wolf)

Pollinator grew the 2554 Andrusz


This pumpkin was grown in 2022 alongside the 2365 wolf that grew the 2554 Andrusz. This is currently our 3rd biggest pumpkin to make it to the scale. It was weighed at 98 Days after a 2nd pollination. Unfortunately we presume the plant got bacterial wilt from a cucumber beetle infestation as soon as it started packing on big pounds at about day 45. Really wish we could have kept growing this one. It was growing 48lbs a day and then dropped quick when the bacterial wilt took hold.

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Seed Information

More average, medium big internode spacing compared to the 2554 Andrusz plant which was the biggest in structure nature we have seen yet. We have grown 2 seeds from the 2200 wolf. This 1343(white) and last year’s 2002 andrusz(orange) which had the extremely tight internode structure and an orange pumpkin.

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