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2554 Andrusz22
(2365 Wolf x 1885.5 Werner)


This is the 2554lb Andrusz grown by Scott, Steven and Emmett Andrusz and friends. 3RD biggest pumpkin grown in the world in 2022. 6TH biggest pumpkin ever grown. The 2554 andrusz was harvested at 108 days after pollination(DAP). This thing went 15% heavy to chart with the heavy genetics created from Andy Wolf’s 2365.

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Seed Information

The 2554 Andrusz plant was extra large in structure. It had 20 secondary vines attached to the main vine before the pumpkin(10 per side). The main vine before the pumpkin was 16.5 feet long , making the internodes average 1.2 feet apart. The leaves of this plant were enormous elephant ear leaves. The main vine after the pumpkin was grown and it was extremely vigorous beyond the pumpkin.

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