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Andrusz Select Orange Prizewinner Seeds


Our Prizewinner seeds were selected from the best and biggest of the 2022 harvest for us which were between 100 to 200lbs. Every year we select our biggest and most beautiful prizewinners’ seeds to grow next year in hopes to keep the best genetics. These make excellent carving pumpkins and are great to put your little kids in and ive also heard they are great for cooking.

10 seeds per pack

Shipping to the lower 48 will be $6. International shipping will be $25.


Seed Information

These pumpkins are relatively easy to grow and grow a plentiful amount of pumpkins. Plants can be grown in many different ways but we grow ours in flats of 3inch by 3 inch cubes in promix(no fertilizer) before planting them in the tilled plot in rows with plants 3 to 4 feet apart with 10 to 15ft between rows. be proactive when first transplanting into fields, when plants are big and young before vines touch down to the dirt and take root, the plants really need some dirt mounded up around their base using a hoe. This will discourage the wind breaking them off and killing them right at the stump/base of the pumpkin plant. We are selling these 10 seeds per pack for 20 dollars.

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