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2002 Andrusz21
(2200 Wolf x self)


The 2002 Andrusz pumpkin was grown in 2021 and unfortunately had to be harvested early due to a small crack along a sag line. The Crack appeared on August 13th at DAP 56. It’s final ott was 463 inches when it was weighed on August 28. It’s final weight was 2002 lbs on a 2000lb max crane scale.

2 seeds per pack

Shipping to the lower 48 will be $6. International shipping will be $25.


Seed Information

This plant was nicknamed the machine as it had a very tight internode structure and a very sppedy vining and rooting nature. This one is the one that got away for us. From DAP 25 to DAP 50 this pumpkin gained 1283 lbs averaging 51 lbs a day for 25 days straight. At some points during that period I measured and recorded growths of 60 to 70lbs a day. The week before the split happened on August 13th we recorded 47 lbs a day for that week in mid August, so she was still chugging along well. This pumpkin really had some serious potential that comes from the fast growing 1885.5 werner genetics.

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